Zoom Rehearse:

The manual process of validating and writing functional and stress test scripts has long been arduous and slow, plaguing project managers and QA teams with every application patch, upgrade or migration. Tap into Zoom Rehearse, the automated functional and stress testing tool to:

  • Adopt changes in your ERP with 100% confidence
  • Replace the labor intensive validation of application functionality with automated, data-backed test scripts
  • Eliminate potential application performance degradation with one-click, automated test scripts spanning entire target environment

  • Zoom Rehearse Solution Brief   


Eliminate Guesswork with Zoom Rehearse


With the one-click test script generator, Zoom Rehearse identifies 100% of application functionality utilized in any source production environment, eliminating the lengthy discovery phase of determining critical applications, the slow process of manually creating a test scripts, and recording of hypothetical use cases.

Zoom Rehearse eliminates the guesswork and accelerates the deployment of application functionality across the enterprise - making planning, identifying, and test script creation only a few clicks away.

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