Risk, Fraud & Compliance

Monitor who is accessing your software systems, when the access is occurring, and the location of the user. Tap into Zoom's power of pattern recognition to alert your CSO or CISO to potentially harmful events, and aid in minimizing both the threat and response time.

Velocity Zoom provides actionable insight to:

  • Flag potential system threats with real-time alerts
  • Track each login, origination and session details
  • Manage risk by monitoring system changes and access
  • Audit by user and business function
  • On-demand access to real-time data
  • Concurrent user reporting


Security & Fraud solution brief   

Proactive Notifications for Early Fraud Detection.


Customize rules and alerts specific to your business to detect potential fraud early on with the Velocity Zoom Event Manager. Proactive notifications and on-demand reporting of real-time occurrences put the power in your hands to identify and mitigate risk by realizing emerging patterns, unauthorized access or triggers that identify problem areas.

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