Continuous Improvement

Velocity Zoom removes the guess work, bringing to light business performance improvement opportunities based on truths only big data can provide.

Velocity Zoom provides actionable insight to:

  • Insight into user workflow ensures your employees reach peak productivity
  • System analysis flags the right people about performance problems -- and identifies root cause as well as prevention methods
  • Audit-ready anytime with on-demand reports, logs, data
  • Prevent violations from becoming breaches with real-time alerts
  • Assess system readiness, performance and upgrade loads with peer analysis


Visualize real-time analytics on application performance as well as data on access and changes to application environment


This dashboard enables the viewer to monitor and analyze application processes, identify bottlenecks as well as visualize workforce productivity, in real-time.

The top color-coded row provides a clear snapshot identifying key statistics on system monitoring, transaction counts and users — which is especially useful for compliance, security and efficiency.

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