Business Transformation

Real-time data contextualizes where your business fits into the larger picture at any given time. Best in class performance is now within reach as benchmarking, process and organizational changes are easier to identify, implement and manage.

Velocity Zoom provides actionable insight to:

  • Experience opportunity insight into critical business processes
  • Streamline operations by identifying bottlenecks and clearing problems
  • View and analyze pattern visualizations that highlight strengths and opportunities
  • Increase the speed with which a leadership team can execute the decisions that drive bottom line results
  • Manage people, transactions and processes smarter and more efficiently because of real-time access to valuable data that drives business on a daily basis


Visualize real-time analytics on application performance as well as data on access and changes to application environment


An era of analytics is upon us, with a focus on innovation to emerge and remain as best in class. When incremental change is not enough, large scale transformation is backed by the actionable insight provided by Velocity Zoom.

Intention-driven metadata is at your fingertips to lead, connect, and inspire your organization with smarter, stronger decisions based on visual truths only billions of rows of data can provide.

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