Zoom Notify

Zoom Notify empowers businesses to detect fraud, reduce risk, improve compliance and improve human productivity with proactive event management. Businesses today can ill afford the consequences of a data breach, revenue loss or simply inefficient processes.

With proactive notifications and on-demand reporting, Zoom Notify puts the power to identify and respond in real-time to events you deem critical to the success of your organization in your hands.

Zoom Notify provides:

  • Complete flexibility in creating notifications for any event occurring in your system
  • Real-time alerts and views to your device of choice
  • Customization for simple or compound rules and alerts
  • Alerts to designated individuals within the company
  • Alerts delivered with pertinent ERP data providing ability for immediate action

Zoom Notify solution brief   

Create simple or compound rules and alerts with our Rule Wizard


Create simple or compound event alerts, monitor user access and errors, and target threats by criteria for comprehensive fraud detection. Tap into Velocity Zoom's power of pattern recognition to alert your CISO to potentially harmful events and minimize both threat and response time. Or, alert your Systems Manager when an employee has login errors consecutively within a designated amount of time.

Proactively identify opportunities for continuous improvement in real-time. The possibilities are limitless.

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