Detailed Monitoring

Inspire a culture of analytics with a comprehensive view of your systems. Smarter decisions are fueled by comprehensive, actionable intelligence - and Velocity Zoom puts the information at your fingertips to highlight patterns and trends, spot correlations and visualize opportunities.

Capture and analyze user application activity from online transactions, batch jobs and other data sources within your enterprise applications. Decipher and translate metadata, available at a glance, for key stakeholders and decision makers.

Velocity Zoom provides actionable insight to:

  • Identify business gaps that threaten your business
  • Minimize costs and allocate funds to higher-value investments
  • Find business gaps that threaten your business
  • Innovate collaborative initiatives with both vendors and clients
  • Drive growth by meeting, and exceeding objectives with big data

Security Alerts & System Notifications


Visualize real-time analytics on application performance as well as data on access and changes to application environment


This dashboard enables the viewer to monitor and analyze application processes, identify bottlenecks as well as visualize workforce productivity, in real-time.

The top color-coded row provides a clear snapshot identifying key statistics on system monitoring, transaction counts and users.

The radar map in the lower right column provides on-demand access to company-wide productivity broken down by department code, highlighting success rate versus transaction level and time.

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